Day_110 : Bangladesh-Disasters, Lands, and Statistics (1)

Bangladesh has had a lot of cyclone disasters in the history. Table 1 indicates
the past cyclone disasters. Especially, we can see the 1970 and 1991’s cyclone
disasters are severe and caused many casualties.

Table 1 Cyclone disasters in Bangladesh*


Table 2 picked up two disasters. We can compare the two. What can we say about this? The affected population was tremendously increased from 1970 to 1991. On the contrary,
the dead and missing number was decreasing. How about 1991’s cyclone disaster?

Table 2  1970 and 1991’s cyclone disasters*

Please check the dead and missing number and livestock damage.
You may have a strange feeling. The dead and missing number is
so rough.  However, livestock damage number is so precise. This
could reflect the cultural and social backgrounds.

The 1991 cyclone hit Sandwip island and Chittagong city. Figure 1
shows the map.

Figure 1  Sandwip Island and Chittagong (Map source: Microsoft Group)

To be continued…….
*Table 1 and 2 ‘s source will be mentioned later.

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