Day_118 : World Disaster Chronology-1982-1988


Date Place Disaster Type Situations
1982.01- US and Europe Cold Wave Over 350(DM)
1982.01- Columbia Heavy Rain, Flood 90(DM)
1982.01- Peru Heavy Rain, Flood Over 3,000(DM)
1982.03- Philippines Typhoon Over 90(DM)
1982.03- Mexico, South Volcano  Mt. El Chichon Volcano Eruption, Over 150(DM)
1982.04- Peru Heavy Rain, Flood Over 200(DM)
1982.05- China Heavy Rain, Flood Over 430(DM)
1982 Nicaragua and others Heavy Rain, Flood 180(DM)
1982.06- Indonesia, WestSmatra Heavy Rain, Flood Over200(DM)
1982.06- India, Southeastern Heavy Rain, Flood 200-1,000(DM) Orissa
1982.07- Japan, Kyusyu Heavy Rain, Flood 1982 Nagasaki Heavy Rain Disaster,345(DM), Injured 660, Destroyed approx.850, Inundation over 52,000
1982.08- South Korea Typhoon, Flood Over 60(DM)
1982.08- Japan, Central Typhoon, Flood 95(DM), Injured170, Destroyed approx.5,300, Inundation over 113,000
1982.09- Japan, Central Typhoon, Flood 38(DM),Injured 170, Destroyed approx.600, Inundation over136,000
1982 Guatemala and others Heavy Rain, Flood Over 1,500(DM)
1982.10.06 Liberia  Landslide Over 200(DM)
1982.11- India Typhoon, Flood Over 270(DM)
1982.12.13 Yemen Inland Earthquake 1982 North Yemen earthquake, M5.8, 2,800-5,000(DM)
1983 Turkey, East Inland Earthquake Over 1,000(DM)
1983.02- Australia, Southeastern Forest Fire 75(DM)
1983.05.26- Japan, Northeastern Submarine Earthquake 1983 Sea of Japan Earthquake*,M7.7 104(DM), Injured160, Half Destroyed or more, over3,000
1983.07- Japan, Central Heavy Rain, Flood 1983 Heavy Rain,117(DM), Injured 160, Destroyed approx. 3,600, Inundation over 17,000, Damaged over 1.3mil yen
1983.09- Japan, Central Typhoon 44(DM), Injured 120, Destroyed approx. 600, Inundation over 56,000
1983.12- Japan Heavy Snow 96(DM), Destroyed approx. 900
1984.03.28 US Tornado The 1984 Carolinas tornado outbreak, 57(D)
1984.06.09 USSR Tornado The 1984 Soviet Union tornado outbreak. Over 400(D)
1985.03.03 Chile, Central Submarine Earthquake M7.8-7.9, 180(DM)
1985.08.23 China, Xinjiang autonomous region Inland Earthquake M7.3, Over 80(DM)
1985.09.19 Mexico, Southwestern sea (Mexico city) Submarine Earthquake 1985 Mexico city earthquake, M8.1,9,500-35,000(DM)
1986.08- Japan, Kyusyu and others Typhoon, Flood 21(DM), Injured100, Destroyed approx.2,600, Inundation over 105,000
1986 El Salvador Inland Earthquake 1986 San Salvador earthquake M5.5-5.8, Over1,000(DM)
1986.10.20 Kermadec Islands Submarine Earthquake M7.7-8.2
1987.03.06 Ecuador, South Inland Earthquake Ecuador Earthquake (M6.7-7.1) 1,000~5,000 (DM)
1987.10- Japan, West Typhoon, Flood 9(DM), Destroyed approx.200, Inundation over 24,000
1987.12.17 Japan, East Submarine Earthquake Chiba Ken Toho Oki Earthquake,M6.7,2(D), Injured 160
1988.02- Mozambique Cyclone, Flood Cyclone Filao, approx.100(D)
1988.07- Japan, Kyusyu and others Heavy Rain, Flood 27 (DM), Injured 60, Destroyed approx.600, Inuncation over 10,000
1988.08.21 Nepal   1988 Nepal earthquake M6.9,  killing at least 709 persons and injuring thousands.
1988.11- Bangladesh Cyclone, Flood 6240(D) One of the worst tropical cyclones in Bangladeshi history. 
1988.09- Mexico, and others Hurricane Hurricane Gilbert, 318(D)
1988.10- Caribbean and Central America Hurricane Hurricane Joan–Miriam, 216-334(D)
1988.10- Guam, Marianas Islands, Philippines, China Typhoon Typhoon Ruby, Over 300(D)
1988.11.06 China and Myanmar Inland Earthquake M7.0-7.3, Over 700(DM)
1988.11.28 US, North Carolina and  Virginia  Tornado 1988 Raleigh tornado outbreak, 4(D),Injured 154
1988.12.07 USSR, South (Armenia) Inland Earthquake 1988 Armenian earthquake,M6.7-6.9, 25,000-45,000(DM)
Economic damage is 140 million dollar , worst earthquake disaster in USSR history

D: The number of Death M: Missing number DM: The dead and missing number

1983 Sea of Japan Earthquake*