Day_87 : North and Central Americas – Mt. St.Helens and Mt.Pelee

1.Volcanic Disasters

North America
Mount St.Helens erupted in 1980. 57 people were dead.
St.Helens volcanic eruption was really huge. You can see this from the following video.

From environmental sociological perspectives, the difference between the U.S. and Japan is that the people and nature’s relationships. This case indicated that somehow. The people are living far from the nature, Mt.Helens. That is why the fatality number was not so large compared to the huge eruption. In Japan, people tend to live near the nature and live with the nature. This call “Satoyama” in Japanese. Other Asian countries are the same with Japan.
This will be discussed later.

Mount Pelee
St.Pierre city, the city was destroyed completely in 1902 by the Mt.Pelee’s eruption.
The population of the city was approx. 28000: almost all were dead, only 2 survived. One of the only two survivors was in a prison. The story can be seen from the following video.

2. Climate, meteorological, and hydrological disasters: Hurricanes

North America
1900 Galveston, death toll was over 6000
2005 Katrina, the death toll was over 1400, the cost was 100 Bil. UDS
1998 Mitch, 13,700 were victimized in Honduras and 3,300 were so in Nicaragua
Hurricane Jeanne,  2800 were killed in Haiti

These will be also discussed later.


※Disaster data, such as death toll source is NIED DIL homepage.