Day_149: Flood Disaster Preparedness Indices (FDPI)

ICHARM (International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management) allowed me to engage in the project on the development of Flood Disaster Preparedness Indices (FDPI). This project is also linked to one of the projects of the Typhoon Committee (World Meteorological Organization/United Nations ESCAP).

You can see the outline of the project on the following website:.

The established site is the self-evaluation system for local disaster managers around the world, especially in developing countries. Therefore, we have prepared the multi-language (16 languages) versions. You can evaluate your community’s preparedness ability by yourself, and experience can also be shared depending on your situation.  You can easily see your results on the website. The results are automatically sent to the administrator to check on the situation. If the administrator understands the severity, he or she can communicate with the international aid agencies.

To be continued…