Day_134 : Thailand Disaster Chronology (1) 2001-2012

The collected information on Thailand natural disasters 2001-2011.
This is a tentative version.

Date Places(Provinces, etc) Disaster Type Situations
2001.8.21 North, upper central, northeastern and eastern provinces Flood A flash flood swept down a mountainside through villages in Lomsak district
death:164 people
damage estimate :24.4 million dollars
2001.12.24 Southern Provinces Flood Thousands of people in southern Thailand fled their houses after heavy rains triggered floods.
2002.4.29 The Thailand’s largest refugee camp near the Myanmar border Storm A freak tropical storm has killed five people at the refugee camp. The storm made damaged about 300 bamboo shelters as it tore through the camp.Around 40,000 Karen people live in shelters near the Myanmar border.
2002.9.3 Northern Provinces Heavy Rain At least 14 people were killed and more than 20 were missing after their makeshift houses on the banks of an overflowing stream collapsed after heavy rain.
Death:39 people
Damaged house: 150,000
2002.9.18 Northern Provinces Mud Slide Some 800 people narrowly escaped a huge mudslide in northern Thailand on Tuesday as it swept through three villages in a tangle of uprooted trees and destroyed buildings, a district official said.
2002.10.4 Bangkok Flood Residents of the Thai capital, Bangkok, are bracing themselves for severe flooding following forecasts that floodwaters coming from the north of the country.
2003.10.26 Eight Provinces Flood Five days of heavy monsoon rains have brought severe floods to Thailand, killing a 13-year-old boy, forcing hundreds of people from their homes and disrupting road and rail transport, officials said.
Dead: 1 person
Affected: at least 200,000 people
(in 8 provinces)
Evacuated: more than 1,600 people
2003.12.14 Southern Provinces Flood Floods in Thailand have killed at least eight people and damaged tens of thousands of homes.
2004.12.24 Krabi, Trang, PhangNa, Phuket, Ranong, Saturn Tsunami On 26 December 2004, Tsunami occurred off the Sumatra Island killed 5,395, affected 58,550, and whose total loss was US$ 399.78 million in Thailand
2005.8.31 Northern Provinces (Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Sorn Provinces) Flood Over 100,000 families have been affected by severe flooding in Northern Thailand in the middle of August. Torrential rains which earlier in August hammered Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Sorn inundated more than 4 500 villagers’ homes in these three provinces alone leaving 11 people dead and making several roads impassable to small vehicles.
2005.12.18 Southern Provinces Torrential monsoon rains Torrential monsoon rains have wreaked havoc across Thailand’s south, killing 12 people and leaving two missing in the past week, officials said on Sunday. Seven of the victims died in two mudslides.
2006.05.23 Northern Provinces Flood,Mud Slide Heavy monsoon rains unleashed flash floods and mudslides in northern Thailand which killed at least 10 people, left 47 missing and thousands homeless, officials said on Tuesday.
2006.10.10 43 provinces in the country’s north, north-east and central Thailand Flood More than 32 dead in Thai floods since August 2006, reported on October 10.
2007.04.14 Trang Flood Flash floods killed at least 23 holidaymakers and injured more than 20 at three waterfalls in the southern Thai province of Trang on Saturday as they celebrated the Thai New Year, disaster officials said.
2008.04.27 Thak Flood Rains have continued pouring in Thak province, Thailand at least four consecutive days. Over 1,000 people are currently homeless.
2008.8.15 Nakhon Phanom Flood The disaster prevention special command center in Nakhon Phanom province is in the midst of assessing the damage caused by inundation in 12 districts. More than 100,000 people have been affected by flooding. Meanwhile, the death toll has reportedly stood at 1.
2008.09.08 North and Northeast Provinces Flood Heavy downpours due to a low-pressure trough and the south-western monsoon in the past week have triggered more flash floods and inundated villages and farmland in north and northeast Thailand. According to disaster officials, five people have been killed, 114,345 (34,182 families) have been affected.
2008.10.01 Northern, north-eastern and central provinces Heavy Rain The death toll from floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains has risen to 23, while nearly 230,588 people have been treated for water-related illnesses and injuries.
2008.09.31-10.01 Si Sa Ket Province Typhoon Typhoon Mekkahla hit between 31 September and 1 October 2008. The cyclone caused torrential rains which killed 32, affected 2,864,484 and whose total loss was US$ 21.6 million including Vietnam.
2008.11.19 Southern Provinces Flood 201,434 people affected, 10 people died and 190 families homeless (685 persons) from heavy rain in southern Thailand.
2008.12.08 Yala Flood After heavy rains in southern Yala province, Thailand, the Disasters’ Prevention Special Command Centre in Yala has issued warnings on 8 December 2008 to the people in the area to be cautious of potential hazards and flash floods after over 3,000 local families being affected.
2009.11.07 Southern border provinces Flood The flooding which started in the southern border province in Thailand so far killed 10 people
2010.08.13 Lampang Flood The flood struck the northern province of Lampang on Friday night (13 August 2010) with the water level as high as one meter. Over 1,200 households and 36 villages in 7 districts have been affected.
2010.10.16 Nakhon Ratchasima Flash Flood Nakhon Ratchasima has been ravaged as flash floods wreak havoc in the Northeast and Central Plains following heavy weekend monsoon rains.
2011.03 47 Provinces Drought The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Thailand announced drought in 47 provinces.
2011.03.27 Southern Provinces Flash Flood Since 23 March 2011 there has been a prolonged heavy rainfall causing flash floods in many provinces in the South.
2011.07-2012.02 Provinces of Northern, Northeastern and Central Thailand along the Mekong and Chao Phraya river Flood Severe flooding occurred during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand, beginning at the end of July and ceasing mid-January 2012. The flooding affected the provinces of Northern, Northeastern and Central Thailand along the Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins, as well as parts of the capital city of Bangkok. It resulted in a total of 813 deaths, 9.5 million people affected and economic damage of USD40 billion.
2011.08.03 North and the northeast provinces Tropical Storm, Flood Tropical Storm Nock Ten has caused continuous rainfalls in the north and the northeast of Thailand, causing floods in 15 provinces.
2012.06.06 Surat Thani Heavy Rain, Flood Continuous rain has caused flooding in five districts in Surat Thani province of southern Thailand, affecting 8,500 households and over 27,000 residents.
2012.09.12 Northern Provinces Flood Thousands have fled their homes in Northern Thailand after heavy rain caused a major river to overflow at the start of September.

Source: ADRC, Reliefweb, BBC, JICA, etc. (The source will be indicated)