Day_115 : Disaster Technology Websites

Introduce you two disaster technology websites. One is DRH Asia-Disaster Reduction Hyperbase. The other is Global DRR Technology.

1) DRH Asia
This site provides the qualified information about DRR technology. We can grasp the contents so easily. This makes it possible to transfer the DRR technology. The contents are coming from many Asian countries and reviewed by experts. The challenge is limited contents number.

The following is the example of the contents.
Earthquake Early Warning and its Application to Mitigate Human and Social Damages (Figure 1)

Figure 1

We can understand the quality of the contents and availability.

2) Global DRR Technology
This site focuses on an online Community of Practice(CoP) in Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR). The contents volume is limited, however, the site can be checked easily. Especially, the case study site is visually nice.

The below site is the example of the case study site. (Figure 2)

Figure 2