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Day_97 : World Disaster Chronology 1976 (2)


Date Place Disaster Type Situations
1976.08.17 The Phillipines, South
Submarine earthquake 1976 Moro Gulf earthquake and tsunami*: M7.8-8.1,A dead and missing number is 4,000-8,000
1976.09- Japan Typhoon 1976 Typhoon No.17 Flood (Nagara river flood
A dead and missing number is 169, Injured 400
1976.10.28- Japan, North-eastern Strong wind Sakata conflagration: A death and missing 2, Injured over 900
1976.10.29 Indonesia, East Irian Jaya Inland earthquake M7.2, A death and missing number is 100-6,000not confirmed),landslide
976.11.24 Turkey and Iran border Inland earthquake  1976 Çaldıran–Muradiye earthquake**: M7.2-7.6, A death and missing number is 3,600-10,000
1976.12- Japan Snow  A death and missing number is 84, Injured over300, damage loss 40 billion yen

1976 Moro Gulf earthquake and tsunami*
The worst tsunami disaster in the Philippines.1) It happened while most people were sleeping.
2) No warning after the earthquake.

1976 Çaldıran–Muradiye earthquake**
The almost all houses were destroyed because of the structure constructed of thick walls made from rubble masonry cemented with mud mortar.


Day_63: Snowstorm Disaster

There were 9 casualties caused by heavy snowstorms in Hokkaido on 2-3 March 2013.
In Yubetsu town, a father (58) was found dead. But his daughter (9) was survived. The father had been holding his daughter in his arms to protect her from coldness.
In Nakashibetsu town , 4 were dead. They died in a car because they stopped the car and could not go out because of the conditions. They tried to call acquaintances for help again and again. However, they could not get helps during the time.

The Snow and Ice Research Center, NIED (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention) has launched the project to prevent snow storm disasters after the disaster in Nakashibetsu. The project has focused on the snow storm predicting system not only for officers, but also for local people. It is difficult to predict the storm because the snow storm happens with complex conditions, at snow drift and storm. Needed to check not only weather, but also land conditions.

The example of the use, the school children stopped to go back to home because the snow storm was predicted on their way home

We can see the placed live web cam.
Monitoring video can be accessed by the following sites.