Day_120 : Chain Reactions of Economic Damage- 2011 Chao Phraya River Flood in Thailand (1)

2011 Chao Praya river flood gives us a lot of lessons. The disaster is the 7th costliest disaster worldwide since 1980 to 2014 (Figure 1).

Figure 1  10 Costliest events

From economic damage points of views, the below is the industrial estates and parks which were affected. 7 estates and parks were inundated. 804 companies were affected and among those, 449 were Japanese related companies in these estates and parks(Figure 2).

Figure 2 7 Inundated industrial estates and parks

Can show you a brief outlines of the chain reactions of economic damage caused by 2011 Chao Phraya river flood. There are three main inquiries to ponder (Figure 3) : 1) Why were so many foreign companies coming and making supply chain? 2) What kinds of damage types could be analyzed and how about the influence? 3) How did companies respond?

Figure 3  3 Research Questions (rough skech)

These will be explained later. The attached graph (Figure 4) indicates so many Japanese companies came these areas after 1985, the year of the Plaza Agreement.

Figure 4  Japanese enterprises coming to Thailand

Horizontal and vertical damage exacerbations types can be shown in the following figures.

Figure 5  Damage types and severities (Horizontal)

Figure 5  Damage types and severities (Vertical)

To be continued…………..