Day_82 : Earthquake disasters in Asia (2) – Other countries

The below is the overviews of Earthquakes (Casualties) in Asian earthquake prone countries (except Iran)

1999 Izmit Earthquake(M7.4)* Death Toll approx.17000**
1992 Erzincan Earthquake(M6.8) Death Toll approx.500
Note : The one of the main reasons to cause huge numbers of casualties is the same with the Iran cases, building structure, Adobe.

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** The death toll is different from the sources. This is our challenge.

2005 Kashmir Earthquake (M7.7) Death Toll approx.90,000
1990 Quetta Earthquake (M7.5) Death Toll approx.60,000

2001 Gujarat Earthquake (M8.0) Death Toll approx.20000
Note: International assistance efforts influenced the country’s governance negatively.
Illegal house buildings were spread out after the event. This leads India to make a decision
not to accept international assistance efforts (workers,etc.) after the Indian Ocean Tsunami
disaster in 2004
1994 Bihar-Nepal Earthquake (M8.3) Death Toll approx.10000
Note : Nepal did not allow foreigners into the country.
Therefore, the death toll number is inaccurate.
1993 Latur Earthquake (M6.2) Death Toll approx.10000
Note : Stone wall house buildings impact on the high mortality numbers.

2004 Sumatra Earthquake(M9.1)
<Tsunami Leading wave>
The Sri Lanka : Death toll is approx. 35000 Tsunami height is max. 15m
India : Death toll is approx.12000 Tsunami height is max.12m.
<Drawback wave>
Thailand :  Death toll is approx. 8000 Tsunami height is max. 20m.

With earthquake direct impact
Indonesia : Death toll is approx.167000.

Note: They had no Tsunami Warning System. In Thailand, some people go to the seashore to      obtain shells, fishes, or something unusual and not evacuate during the drawback wave              because they lacked tsunami experience and knowledge.

1976 Tanshan Earthquake (M7.8) : Death Toll is approx.250,000 (actually estimated 3 times)
USGS’s estimation 655,000
Note :
-Tanshan was a big industrial city
-94% of residential brick wall houses were destroyed
– Chinese gov. refused international assistance
(This makes the disaster worse) …This could be
the deadliest earthquake in the world history

2008 Situan Earthquake (M7.9) : Death Toll is approx. 90,000
-4,000,000 houses were destroyed

The source of the death toll data is NIED DIL***

***National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Disasster Information Laboratory.