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Day_99 : A Secondary Disaster- 1972 Shigeto Landslide Disaster

The Shigeto ward, Tosayamada town in Kochi prefecture had a huge landslide disaster on the 5th of July in 1972. We call it Shigeto Landslide.

What we can learn from this landslide is the secondary disaster.

First, a small landslide occurred at 6 am on the day. One volunteer firefighter was buried alive by the landslide. Other volunteer firefighters and local people started to conduct rescue work for him.

Second, a huge landslide happened at 10:55 am during their tasks and killed 59 among them. In addition, the landslide pushed the train stayed at Shigeto station away.

The following Figure 1 shows the landslide (NIED DIL)

Figure 1 Shigeto Landslide