Day_78 : Disaster statistics – Overview

The following is the overview of disasters in the World. The data 1970-2010, over 2000 death toll disasters which have 50 events, was analyzed (Total death toll approx. 3mil.).

Vulnerable Areas:
1. Southeast Asia –West Asia
Over 50% of the world living.
events 68%
death 56%
Countries : The Philippines, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India,Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Armenia, Turkey

2. Central America
event 18%
death 14%
Countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela,Columbia, Peru

3. Africa
Drought: 3event, total death toll 0.9mil. (29%)

4. By country
India 8, Iran 6, Bangladesh 4, China/Indonesia/The Philippines 3

India : Earthquake and Flood
Iran : Earthquake 1/4 of the world earthquake disasters (over 1000 death toll)
Bangladesh : Storm Surge 1/10 year has over 1000 death toll event.

5. Others
Volcanic Disaster
Indonesia : 13/30 events (over 1000 death toll after 1960s) in the world.

Affected People
Populated Countries: China and India: Flood and drought

These analyses referred the NIED DIL homepage (in Japanese).