Day_95 : World Disaster Chronology 1976 (1)

Date Place Disaster Type Situations
1976.01- A northern part of the Philippines Heavy rain, Floods The death and missing number is over250, mainly Luzon island.
1976.01- Japan Disease Influenza, Over 1.8 million are affected, over 500 are dead (not confirmed).
1976.02- US and UK Disease Over 800 are dead. Influenza (not confirmed)
1976.02.04 Guatemala Inland earthquake Guatemala earthquake M7.5: A dead and missing number is 22,900, A major active fault line (over 200km) was found
1976.04.10 Bangladesh Tornado  The dead and missing number is 200
1976.05.06 A north-eastern part of Italy Inland earthquake Friuli earthquake M6.5A dead and missing number is 900-1,250
1976.06- US Heavy rain, Floods The dead and missing number is 140
1976.06- Japan North-Eastern Part Cold weather damage The total loss is over 400 billion yen
1976.06.26 Indonesia, EastIrian Jaya Inland earthquake M6.9-7.1, A dead and missing number is 5,000-9,000 (not confirmed)Many landslides occurred
1976.07-10 Mexico Hurricane, Floods Hurricane Liza*, The dead and missing number is 200
1976.07.14 Indonesia, South (Bali) Inland earthquake M6.5 (not confirmed), The dead and missing number is 560
1976.08- US West Heavy rain, Floods A dead and missing number is 60. Mainly in Colorado.
1976.08.28 China Hebei Province Inland earthquake Tangshan earthquake**, M7.3-7.8, The dead and missing number is 242,000-655,000 (750,000 not confirmed) 

* Hurricane Riza hit Mexico. The story will be discussed later.

**Remarks for disaster statistics and international assistance should be made about the Tangshan earthquake. First, the death toll is unclear because of china’s political climate. The earthquake occurred during the late stages of the Cultural Revolution. This makes difficult to have accurate statistical data. The earthquake contributed to the end of the Cultural Revolution. Second, the Chinese government refused to accept international aid from the United Nations and insisted on self-reliance. This influenced disaster exacerbation. One of the worst natural disasters in the world.