Day_44 : Disaster related organization’s links

The following site was created long time ago.

However, this links site is still useful to recognized disaster-related organizations.
For example, we can confirm the UN organizations and their structures through this site.
The followings are the explanations.

United Nations (UN) consists of 1)Trusteeship Council, 2) Security Council, 3) General Assembly, 4)Economic and Social Council, 5) International Court of Justice, and 6) Secretariat. The UN recovery efforts for Natural Disaster related councils are mainly found in 3)4)6). UNEP,UNDP,UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP,and UN-HABTAT belong to 3)General Assembly. ILO,FAO, UNESCO,WHO,and WB etc. belong to 4)Economic and Social Council. OCHA belongs to 6) Secretariat.

In addition, we can confirm so many universities in the U.S. have disaster related organizations.