Day_45 : IRDR (Integrated Research on Disaster Risk)

I was involved to do research on Japanese tsunami in 2011 as a pat of IRDR (Integrated Research on Disaster Risk) project.The IRDR is an international effort. Especially I was really, really impressed by the sentence raised by ICSU (International Council for Science).

Unfortunately, there is a great shortfall in current research on how science is used to shape social and political decision-making in the context of hazards and disasters. Addressing this problem requires an approach that integrates research and policy-making across all hazards, disciplines and geographic regions. The IRDR Programme endeavours to bring together the natural, socio-economic, health and engineering sciences in a coordinated effort to reduce the risks associated with natural hazards.(

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Day_27: University roles for disaster risk reduction (2)

Disasters happen in the local areas and local community’s preparedness will be the one of the keys for disaster risk reduction. Therefore, universities should play an important role to raise their preparedness level. There are so many different fields experts at the University. They can contribute to localities from various ways. However, they tend not to understand how. On the other hand, local government disaster managers do not have enough resource to search for the experts and research findings to utilize such precious local knowledge of their work…..

I have been doing this topic for a long time. I will continue……


Day_21 : Disaster and Sociology

Émile Durkheim, maybe you know the name if you are interested in sociology. His book “suicide” which published a long, long time ago, in 1897, is still not old I feel. I was so impressed to know the book when I started to study sociology before. After I began to do disaster research, I remembered the memory to do study Durkeim’s suicide and  tried to combine his concept with disaster research on Hurricane Katrina. Statistical data were used to explain the social background to explain why so many people were victimized step by step.

The above is the disaster report on the Hurricane Katrina.