Day_55 : Tsunami Surveys in Hawaii

After the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, we have started to collect the information on the tide gauge records around the Indian Ocean. We also discussed the emergency management aspects for the future possible tsunamis in the Indian Ocean at Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC)*, International Tsunami Information Center**(ITIC), and Univ. of Hawaii Sea Level Center(UHSLC)*** in 2008.

*Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
We can confirm the present tsunami warning information.
The PTWC is the core center for tsunami warnings in the world.
As you may know, tsunami is a Japanese word and the name is coming from the Hiro village (many Japanese settlers there) in Hawai which were severely affected by the tsunami in 1968. The villagers called the wave “Tsunami”.


**International Tsunami Information Center
They have an important historical tide gauge records.

***University of Hawaii Sea Level Center
We can confirm the sea level is rising around the globe.


The famous Hitachi company’s symbol image tree in Hawaii was found.